Pina Craparotta

“I believe in the reality of the Holy Spirit, Mother Kundalini, in the immense Love that She has given us and that flows within each of us as Amrut, pouring into the awareness of being part of the body of the Virata.” – Pina Craparotta

Creative biography

Pina Craparotta was born in Marsala, in the province of Trapani (Italy), into a family of artists: her paternal grandfather learned the art of drawing and painting, working in an artisan workshop, and passed on the passion to his children, including Pina’s father, who did the same with his daughter.

The family moved to Vigevano, in northern Italy, where Pina was able to train from an artistic point of view at the Roncalli school of Arts and Crafts. Pina Craparotta, in her artistic journey, focuses on the sensitivity of knowing how to grasp the beauty of Creation, which manifests itself with wonder in front of a palette full of colors and a myriad of different forms, which is Nature.

Pina, a multifaceted artist, prefers the use of clay, a material that more than others gives naturalness to her works. Inspiring sources of his art, in addition to Nature itself, are the deities, energies that flow within every human being, making them rediscover innate and wonderful qualities.

Meditation and spiritual growth, typical of Indian culture, are priorities in Pina’s life, who spends several months a year in Cabella Ligure, an important center of Indian spirituality in the Ligurian Apennines. By Serena Baracco

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