Peter Paul Rubens

Christ triumphing over Death and Sin

Shri Mataji on Peter Paul Rubens

“This photograph has vibrations. The first time a photograph has been taken actually authentically, thanks to your science. You don’t have any authentic photograph of Christ. I haven’t seen any good picture except for I would say a few like Michelangelo or someone like that, very few: Rubens, Michelangelo. Otherwise the way they make Him He was never like that! Never, never like that. No vibrations from them. So I have to tell you there is something about me. I am sorry but it is so. It’s rather dangerous to say in this great country of yours, where people don’t take things easily, but you better take it now.”  Shri Mataji – Caxton Hall, London (England) June 14th, 1982

About Peter Paul Rubens

Sir Peter Paul Rubens (28 June 1577 – 30 May 1640) was a Flemish artist. He is considered the most influential artist of Flemish Baroque tradition. Rubens’s highly charged compositions reference erudite aspects of classical and Christian history.

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